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7 Vital Things You Must Do To Get Back With Your Ex
It will never be easy for you to think of ways on how to make your ex want you back. After your tragic separation, it will be impossible to immediately make you ex want you back. If in your case, your ex was the one who wanted some space, you will have to wait for awhile. Don’t rush up persuading your ex to come back. You will need proper timing and plans to make it work.Note: Are you running out of time? If yes, then you can download the Ex Recovery System instantly and know the exact plan you need to make your ex want you back.

1. Research

If your ex left you, surely you know the reason. If she left without any disclosure, then you are on your own. Start from scratch and try to research. Where? How? Simply close your eyes and reminisce every single day that you can recall. Try a flashback on both happy and not so happy days together. You can use the happy memories as your guide on what she likes and the not so happy days be your guide to do the opposite. Example, if she was asleep during your favorite ball game on tv, she hates the show. If she didn't eat what you ordered and you know she's hungry, never order that again. Reminisce now in time for your reconciliation someday.

2. Have Fun With Your Ex

During separation, you can visit your ex befriend or ex girlfriend. Try being extra kind and friendly, that is one effective way on how to make your ex want you back again. Do not over react, your ex might get the wrong impression and kick you out permanently. A man and woman both want to have fun and be happy. Life is full of drama and action, it's better to have fun and enjoy. Make life look exciting to your ex, then you might see some signs that your ex wants you back.

3. Move on…then do it

If you separated with your ex unwillingly, do not be disheartened. Let it pass and move on. Try making your loneliness into liveliness. Get out, socialize and look at your self in the mirror. If you look dashing and adorable, your ex will think that you are doing great after the separation. If you like what you see infront of the mirror, your ex would definitely want you back. This is one vital move on how to make your ex want you back for good.

4. Stay Out of the Picture

Right after your breakup, you and your ex will pass through the hatred period. You will be out of bounce and you are so upset that you want to have some space. Entertain this feeling but not for long. Try to apply the "absence makes the heart grow fonder." If it works, then there is no use finding ways on how to make your ex want you back. Your ex might even make the first move to win you back, and not the other way around. This absence will create a homesick feeling for both of you. If you miss your ex, it is a sign that your ex wants you back too.

5. Use the Stomach Factor

If your ex was fond of cooking during your sweet days together, try inviting your ex for lunch or dinner out. Bring your ex to a fancy restaurant and fill up. She loves to cook so you better let her rest and just relax and wait for dinner. But if your ex often eats out, you can cook a special meal then. If your ex sees your perseverance in pleasing her, you might end up trashing your how to make your ex want you back. She will come running back to you for sure.

6. For Your Info

Make your ex want you back by calling and asking what choice would your ex make on a major decision. Or maybe, call your ex to give an update of what's keeping you busy. Your ex will definitely be impressed and will feel special and important in your life despite the breakup.

7. The Magic of Small Notes

During the time of cutting your communication lines, just drop a note or two not so often. Just remind your ex to be extra careful and that you don't want any untoward incident happening to her. She will feel your concern and no more coming up with how's and why's. Just make sure that you are dead serious to get your ex back and avoid the top 3 common mistakes whatever your situation might be. That will be the only time that you will know when and how to make your ex want you back.
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